Fish Recording Activity -- Work Sessions
Fish Recording Activity -- Work Sessions

Fish Recording Activity -- Work Sessions

by R.W. Brown

The first page of this article is missing from the collection of Bulletins used to generate the documents for this website. The missing text will be added as soon as possible. The article discusses the techniques used to identify fish species. -- WedEd

. . .particularly a photographic buff willing to spend one evening per month at a workshop session.

Recording for All

There is nothing difficult about recording. It may become time-consuming, but generally, if simple rules are followed, it becomes routine. The blank recorders form included with this article is a starter -- plenty more are available. It is self explanatory assuming the main parts of a bony fish are understood.

The best location to observe fish in the dry are places like dhow harbors, breakwaters, and fish souks. However, the fish seen in the souks may not have been caught in the Gulf, or even UAE waters.

To those people who wish to observe in the wet, probably the best method is by photography. Many identifications have been achieved through slides and negatives supported by other information such as location, type of sea bottom (rock, coral, sands) and water depth.

List of Fish Specimens on Display
in ENHG (Abu Dhabi) Workroom
Catalogue No.Scientific NameCommon Name
R 1Scarus GhobbanBlue-Green Parrot Fish
R 2Gnatharooon SpeciosusGolden Trevally
R 3Carangorides FulvoguttatusTrevally
R 4Cepholpholus MiniatusBlue-Spotted Rock-Cod
R 5Sphyaena GelloBarracuda
R 6Platax PinnatusBatfish
R 7Plectorhynchus CinctusHarlequin Sweetlips
R 8Siganus JavusStreaky Spine Foot
R 9Acanthopagrus BerdaDark-Finned Porgy
R 10Lutjanus JohniGold-Striped Snapper
R 11Chelonodon PatocaPuffer Fish
R 12Scolopsis GhanamPeppered Grunt
R 13Apogonichthys NigripinnisOne-Spot Cardinal Fish
R 14Pomacanthops MaculosusBlue Moon Angel Fish
R 15Therapon PutaSmall Banded Therapon
R 16Hemirhamphus MarginatusHalf Beak
R 17Scorpaenopsis GibbosaScorpion Fish (False Stonefish)
R 18Lagocephalus LunarisPuffer Fish
R 19Doplodus noctBream

Marine Fish Identification Sheet

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