Bulletin No. 25 March 1985
Bulletin No. 25 March 1985

Bulletin No. 25

March 1985




ENHG Committee Abu Dhabi -- 00
Editorial -- 01
Chairman's Report for 1984 -- 02
Recorders' Reports -- 04
List of Talks Presented in 1984 -- 07
Preliminary Observations on the Growth Rates of Neonatal Gazelles C.W. Furley 08
Comments on As Safarfir -- 10
Close Encounters of the Electric Kind R.W. Brown 11
Southern Ruus al Jibal -- An Introduction to its People and Natural History, The R.A. Western 13
Birds of the Wadi Khabb Shamsi J.N.B. Brown 23
Bees and Wasps of the Ruus al Jibal I. Hamer 24
Fishes of the UAE 11 R.W. Brown 25
Birds of Abu Dhabi Island; General Comparison 1971-1973 and 1983-1984 M. Crumbie 27
Recent Turtle Records(Arabic) Translated from an article by Bish Brown endpages25

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